• Published February 6, 2024

    Independence High TV/Film students are hard at work producing their weekly newscasts.

    Students run the broadcasts in IHS TV/Film teacher Matt Balzer's class. Through the program, students learn how to record and edit news packages, write scripts and more.

    "Today, I anchored the Independence News," said IHS student Joey Crowley. "It's great. It's a fun time with the crew. In the beginning, I got a little nervous, but not anymore. I like working on the scripts and bringing the news to the school."

  • Hillsboro School sixth graders are learning about robotics and programming.

    In HEMS teacher Billy LeJeune's class, students worked on a computer code to have their systems color a ladybug. Students also programmed the larger robots to play tug of war.

    "First, we had to program a robot to move around the computer screen and fill in the ladybug with various colors," said HEMS student Isla Hobbs. "It was all one long code. Then, we connected a hatch to a robot in the classroom to play tug of war. It was really just a game of luck to see which robot could pull the most. I like this class because I think it's pretty cool that I know how to code a robot whether it's on a screen or in real life."