Award-Winning Musician Helps WCS Band Students

An instructor and students smile
  • Published February 6, 2024

    Grammy award-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin is sharing his knowledge with students in WCS. 

    Coffin, who plays saxophone for Dave Matthews Band, attended the district's first ever WCS Jazz Improv Music Clinic in October.

    "I've known Jeff for years," said Thompson's Station Middle School Band Director Chris Colalillo. "I was excited to have him work with middle and high school band students from all over the district."

    Colalillo organized the music clinic as a way for students who were preparing for their MTSBOA Jazz Band audition to work on both improv and rhythm changes. He says having a three-time Grammy award-winning musician help out as an instructor was a great way to inspire the students.

    "It was a fabulous experience for everyone involved," said Colalillo. "We can't thank Jeff enough for taking the time to be part of this inaugural event."

    The students who participated in the clinic include the following:

    • Donovan Ebrahimi - Centennial High
    • Arden Smith - Centennial High
    • Nathan Vocke - Centennial High
    • Miles Bailey - Fairview High
    • Davis Kidder - Fairview High 
    • Luke McAllister - Fairview High
    • Jason Johnson - Franklin High
    • Wesley Nelsen - Franklin High 
    • Britain McCaskey - Hillsboro School
    • Justus Cardwell - Independence High
    • Carter Newton - Independence High
    • Caleb Risden - Independence High
    • Michael Kickirillo - Page High
    • Sean Meyerhoff - Page High
    • Violet Zimmerle - Page High
    • Luke Convey - Ravenwood High 
    • Devin Liu - Ravenwood High 
    • Emory Lomicka - Ravenwood High
    • Grant Anderson - Summit High
    • Reed Anderson - Summit High
    • Chase Davidson - Summit High
    • Colleen Denson - Summit High
    • Leo Guier - Summit High
    • Connor Hendrickson - Summit High
    • Aiden Huang - Summit High 
    • Ashlyn Ivey - Summit High 
    • Kalli Ivey - Summit High
    • Owen Malone - Summit High 
    • Zach May - Summit High
    • Owen McDaniel - Summit High
    • Brennan Speer - Summit High 
    • Casey Dunaway - Sunset Middle
    • Rosie Perkins - Thompson's Station Middle
    • Crosby St. Clair - Thompson's Station Middle
    • Isaac Wright - Thompson's Station Middle