District Shares Results of 2024 Communications Survey

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  • Published February 14, 2024

    Easier website navigation and more streamlined communication are just a couple of the suggestions Williamson County Schools received in its 2024 Communications Survey.

    Approximately 8,300 parents, staff, students and community members participated in the survey, which will help guide the WCS Communications Department as it continues to improve and update its communication methods. Some of the questions pertained to school websites and others asked about the preferred ways to receive communication from WCS.

    "We will use this information to better serve our school district community," said WCS Executive Director of Communications Carol Birdsong. "We want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this year's survey."

    Responses to each question can be found below. Write-in answers about communication tools and general feedback are also available.

    1,942 WCS employees responded. 4,068 parents of elementary students responded. 4,139 parents of secondary students responded. 311 WCS students responded. 242 business or community members responded.


    20.8 percent of responders visit the websites often. 47.1 percent occasionally visit the website. 28.5 percent rarely visit the website. 3.7 percent never visit the website.

    Responders were asked on a scale of 1-5, how easy the district and/or school websites are to navigate. A 5 response is considered very easy. Out of 8,155 responses, 14.7% ranked a 5, 33.7% ranked a 4, 38.5 % ranked a 3, 10.7% ranked a 2, and 2.4% ranked a 1.

    8,159 responders use the WCS/phone/email/text notification system, 2,156 responders use the InFocus newsletter, 1,624 responders use the WCS district/school websites, 1,395 responders use the WCS Facebook page, 430 responders use the WCS X (formerly Twitter), 828 responders use the WCS Instagram, 89 responders use the WCS YouTube Channel, and 1,054 responders use the WCS Mobile App.