Safety Director Shares Drug Use Warning

  • Published February 14, 2024

    Williamson County Schools Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher has a message for parents and students: illegal drug distribution and use is on the rise across Williamson County, and your actions can help save lives.

    Fletcher says officers across the county are seeing an increase in the distribution and use of fentanyl in teens and young adults.  That’s why the district is working closely with its law enforcement partners to raise awareness.

    “Fentanyl is an incredibly dangerous drug, and its use can result in death,” said Fletcher. “Parents, we need you to have conversations with your students about the dangers of this drug, especially. Remind your students if they know of someone possessing or using fentanyl, they should tell a responsible adult. Speaking up can absolutely save someone's life.”

    Fletcher reminds parents that fentanyl can come in many different forms and other drugs may be laced with it.

    Earlier this school year, the district and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office released a series of videos aimed at keeping students safe. Below is the video regarding drugs which is still relevant.