• Published February 21, 2024

    Spring Station Middle students are building Mardi Gras floats in art class.

    Students used papier-mâché to create the base of their floats and then decorated their projects with paint, pipe cleaners and more.

    "We're celebrating and learning about Mardi Gras," said SSMS student Kyler Cain. "We're doing a natural disaster float with a village, waves and a volcano. I'm making the waves and using scrunched-up newspaper, tape and tissue paper."

  • Fourth graders at Hunters Bend Elementary are learning about light waves.

    Using empty toilet paper rolls, mirrors and colored paper, students created their own kaleidoscopes in HBES teacher Angelle Gallers' class.

    “When you put it all together and spin the circle with the light, all the different designs and colors reflect in the mirror, and it looks really cool," said HBES student Elise Lasseter.  "We’ve been learning about light waves and how they reflect and refract and what they do when they hit things. I have loved learning about light waves."