• Published February 27, 2024

    Heritage Middle seventh graders are finding a sweet way to learn about meiosis. 

    Using multicolored gummy worms, students in Steven Engle, Breanne Fulton and Lana Redman's classes demonstrated how chromosomes split.

    "The gummy worms were the chromosomes," said HMS student Grace Chatterton. "We would rip them apart to represent the way chromosomes are swapped."

  • Fourth graders at Edmondson Elementary are shedding some light on their latest science unit.

    On Friday, February 23, students in Caroline Kent's class visited different light lab stations. Each station focused on a different experiment.

    "We've been learning about light waves and waves in general," said EES student Penelope Cullerton. "My favorite station was the one that had mirrors because we reflected the light in a lot of different ways. Ms. Kent is really nice, and I love having her as a science teacher."