• Published March 19, 2024

    Williamson County Schools DECA students are bound for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Anaheim, California.

    Students around Tennessee gathered in Chattanooga February 29 through March 2 to participate in various events during the State Career Development Conference, including business finance, community awareness and automotive services. Several WCS students excelled at the competition and placed high enough to advance to the ICDC April 27-30.

    “We are thrilled that our students showed up and showed out as well as they did," said BHS teacher Lisa Nease. "Our students are putting things they learn in the classroom into real-world practice through competition. Our parents consistently praise us for all we do, saying that the opportunities DECA offers are truly life-changing.” 

    In addition to being the first alternate in the Business Finance Series category, Nolensville High's Deepak Balamurugan was elected to the Tennessee DECA State Office as Vice President of Career Development.

    Congratulations to the students and programs listed below:

  • Accounting Applications Series

    • Third Alternate: Amira Selvam, Ravenwood High

    Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series

    • Second: Emma Kate Shepherd, Brentwood High
    • Fourth: Micaela Tramontano, Summit High
    • Sixth: Abigail Goddard, Ravenwood High

    Automotive Services Marketing Series

    • Fifth: Reed O’Dell, Brentwood High

    Business Finance Series

    • First Alternate: Deepak Balamurugan, Nolensville High

    Business Growth Plan

    • Fourth: Diana Lu and Naman Mukerji, Ravenwood High
    • Fourth Alternate: Megan Garramore, Nolensville High

    Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making

    • Sixth: Ashwika Chitreddy and Samisha Kumar, Ravenwood High    
    • First Alternate: Abhi Rastogi and Michael Tadrous, Nolensville High

    Business Services Marketing Series

    • Third: Rylan Wernick, Brentwood High
    • Fifth: Janvi Vashishtha, Ravenwood High
    • Third Alternate: Kayla Josephson, Page High

    Business Services Operations Research

    • Fifth: Ashley Kalvala, Saisha Kumar and Onella Sharma, Ravenwood High
    • Fourth Alternate: Shanti Boorgu, Jasmine Jiang and Vanditta Vatturi, Brentwood High

    Business Solutions Project

    • Fifth Alternate: Aarush Desai, Andrew Ignatius and Nik Yelemali, Ravenwood High

    Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making

    • First: Devansh Nigam and Alexander White, Ravenwood High

    Buying and Merchandising Operations Research

    • First Alternate: Aarush Deshwal and Evan Hostetler, Ravenwood High

    Career Development Project

    • Second: Sreshtha Mishra, Ankita Nair and Asleshta Sengupta, Ravenwood High
    • Third: Clare Sommers and Kerry Sommers, Brentwood High

    Community Awareness Project

    • Fifth Alternate: Jayani Palla, Brentwood High

    Entrepreneurship Series

    • First: Will Corum, Brentwood High
    • Second: Evan Holtz, Page High
    • Fourth: Kathryn Woehike, Brentwood High
    • Fifth: Eshaan Chanda, Brentwood High
    • Second Alternate: Gage DeSpain, Nolensville High
    • Third Alternate: Anshul Bera, Page High

    Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making

    • First: Ananya Antony and Riya Koranne, Ravenwood High
    • Third: Trisha Chigurupati and Yuti Kale, Ravenwood High
    • Third Alternate: Cohen Cleavinger and Evelyn Goodwin, Page High

    Finance Operations Research

    • Second: Jai Bachwani, Shiv Patel and Shishir Yelameli, Ravenwood High

    Financial Consulting Event

    • First: Aayush Kumar, Ravenwood High
    • Second: Drake Dash, Brentwood High
    • Fourth: Youngjoo Yi, Brentwood High

    Financial Literacy Project

    • Third Alternate: Manvik Barkakati and Kaushik Sathiyandrakumar, Ravenwood High

    Financial Services Team Decision Making

    • First: Tanya Bhatia and Simran Daruwalla, Ravenwood High
    • Second: Seyi Amosun and Phoebe Kelso, Ravenwood High
    • Third: Dorsa Taheri and Evelyn Wang, Franklin High
    • Fourth: Braden Poole and Christopher Sasaran, Nolensville High
    • First Alternate: Sreenesh Allu and Sankalp Kulkarni, Page High
    • Fourth Alternate: Jace Layton and Cesar Rager, Independence High

    Food Marketing Series

    • Third: Krishna Volety, Ravenwood High
    • Second Alternate: Rachel Haws, Brentwood High
    • Fourth Alternate: Rachel Leroy, Page High

    Franchise Business Plan

    • Fourth: Jubilee Cho, Madeline Hegeman and Brooklyn Morley, Summit High
    • Fifth Alternate: Ethan Oh and Eric Romano, Nolensville High

    Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

    • Second Alternate: Anjali Babu and Aksheetha Mathialagan, Brentwood High

    Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

    • First Alternate: Chaplin Clauer, Brentwood High
    • Fifth Alternate: Neha Thanigaivelan, Brentwood High

    Hospitality Services Team Decision Making

    • Second: Rowan Carrigan and Caroline Terrenoire, Brentwood High
    • Third: Celia Littrell and Ella Watjen, Page High
    • Fourth Alternate: Angelina Gergies and Kajal Vishwakarma, Ravenwood High

    Hotel Lodging and Management Services

    • Second: Allison Hoesel, Brentwood High
    • Third: Annmarie Stallman, Brentwood High

    Human Resources Management Series

    • First: Lucy Wyatt, Brentwood High
    • Second: Elizabeth Howard, Independence High
    • Fifth: Anna Oliphant, Brentwood High
  • Independent Business Plan

    • First Alternate: Alli Conkle, Parker Levy and Mackenna Poole, Page High
    • Fifth Alternate: Yash Deorah, Aryan Kabaria and Niloy Mazumdar, Ravenwood High

    Innovation Plan

    • First: Carson Flores, Alex Lee and Hemachandra Rambha, Ravenwood High
    • First Alternate: Addison Drabik, Lauren Lee and Jill Patel, Page High

    Integrated Marketing Campaign - Product

    • First Alternate: Sophia Mevs, Shivani Palla and Retheka Prasanna, Brentwood High
    • Second Alternate: Andrew Craig, Page High

    Integrated Marketing Campaign - Service

    • First: Vihaan Bussa, Varun Kilaru and Samuel Michael, Ravenwood High
    • Second: Willow Colton and  Landry Foster, Brentwood High
    • Fifth: Greta Fox and Dyuthi Patil, Summit High
    • Fourth Alternate: Chloe Liang and Eva Nielsen, Page High

    Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event

    • Fourth: Jumana Ali, Alison Andrews and Daniela Morales, Ravenwood High
    • Fifth: Ryan Link, Tyler Seidel and Jackson Whelchel, Brentwood High

    International Business Plan

    • Third: Rami Ammar, Stephie Lee and Sophia Wang, Ravenwood High
    • Fourth: Aditya Shreekanth, Independence High
    • Third Alternate: Kamdyn Mildenhall, Soha Shaik and Ella Smith, Page High

    Marketing Communications Series

    • First: Lexi McDonnough, Brentwood High
    • Second: Sloane Conway, Brentwood High
    • Fourth: Leah Rovey, Page High
    • Fourth Alternate: Avantika Pillai, Ravenwood High

    Marketing Management Team Decision Making

    • Second: Arshia Malhotra and Yashvi Patel, Brentwood High
    • First Alternate: Kushali Chhabada and Sai Rachakonda, Ravenwood High

    Personal Financial Literacy

    • Second: Mikhail Jacobsen, Brentwood High
    • Third: Nisha Javagal, Brentwood High
    • Sixth: Kevin Chen, Brentwood High

    Principles of Business Management and Administration

    • Second: Addison Hilton, Page High
    • Sixth: Molly Stallman, Brentwood High

    Principles of Finance

    • First: Nathan Hoggard, Summit High
    • First Alternate: Charles Twerdahl, Nolensville High
    • Second Alternate: Steven Fedorov, Ravenwood High

    Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

    • Fourth: Miller Burdette, Brentwood High
    • Fifth: Sydney Lokkesmoe, Brentwood High
    • Sixth: Aryan Chaitanya, Ravenwood High
    • First Alternate: Savannah Tardy, Page High

    Principles of Marketing

    • Fourth: Lincoln Merrell, Page High
    • Fifth: Jeffrey Fedorov, Ravenwood High
    • Sixth: Jason Rozen, Page High
    • First Alternate: Alex Chaney, Franklin High
    • Second Alternate: Laney Vornhagen, Nolensville High 

    Professional Selling Event

    • Fourth: Brayden Rogers, Independence High
    • First: Alternate: Lana Ching, Brentwood High

    Quick Serve Restaurant Management Services

    • Fifth: Landon Armstrong, Page High
    • Sixth: Adam Rakhmanov, Ravenwood High
    • Second Alternate: Anna Riley, Brentwood High

    Restaurant and Food Service Management Series

    • Third: Natasha Villaruz, Brentwood High
    • Sixth: Rohan Killaru, Ravenwood High

    Retail Merchandising Series

    • First: Polly Kate Brown, Brentwood High
    • Second: Tanishka Patil, Ravenwood High
    • Sixth: Sam Ross, Page High
    • Third Alternate: Samarth Mathur, Page High

    Sales Project

    • First: Gautham Giri, Sowmil Kumble and Abhinav Vijayanand, Ravenwood High

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research

    • Fourth: Ricky Gu, Aarnav Khanna and John Paul Kulkulka, Ravenwood High

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series

    • Sixth: Lydia Cromwell, Brentwood High
    • First Alternate: Andrew Foster, Brentwood High
    • Second Alternate: Hannah Skaar, Ravenwood High

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making

    • Sixth: William Lee and Evan Livingstone, Page High
    • Second Alternate: Drew Bauchiero and Noah Landa, Brentwood High

    Start Up Business Plan

    • Third: Ishaan Khanna, Shawn Kumar and Jayram Seetharaman, Ravenwood High
    • Third Alternate: Kaylee Haire and Reagan Wagner, Nolensville High
    • Fourth Alternate: Eli Lammi, Centennial High

    Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making

    • Fourth: Lincoln Campbell and Emily Spielmann, Page High
    • Second Alternate: Kelsey Lorenzi and Marie Winter, Brentwood High