TCAP Testing Window Opens April 15

A student smiles
  • Published April 3 2024

    The Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) spring testing window begins Monday, April 15. The TCAP assessments measure skills in English/language arts (ELA) and math for students in grades 2-8, science in grades 3-8 and social studies in grades 6-8. End-of-Course (EOC) exams are given in select high school courses.

    TCAP tests in grades 2-5 will be paper-based, while grades 6-8 and EOC exams will be computer-based. Scores for middle school students will count as 10 percent of their semester average, and EOC scores will be used as 15 percent of a high school student's semester average. While TCAP scores for elementary students will not affect their grades, the district would like to remind third-grade families of the Tennessee law that may require third-grade students who do not meet expectations on the ELA section of the TCAP to participate in summer school to move to the next grade. More information about that law is available on the WCS website.

    Although the tests are timed, Tennessee law allows students to request some additional time if needed. Once the established time limit expires, the test administrator will ask the students if anyone would like to request additional time. Students who raise their hand will be allowed to continue testing up to the allowable additional time limit, which is generally 20 percent of the established time limit.

    Students with an extended time accommodation in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) plan, 504 plan or Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) are still eligible to request additional time, but they must follow the timing defined in the accommodation first.

    Schools will communicate testing schedules with their families. Elementary testing must be completed by April 30. Secondary testing must be completed by May 3. Schools will also send more details about requesting additional time once the testing window gets closer.

    For more information about testing, visit the WCS Assessment page.