More WCS Students Earn a Perfect Score on ACT

Three students smile
  • Published March 26, 2024

    Three more WCS students have achieved a perfect composite score on their ACT.

    Brentwood High's Carolyn Burke was one of the students who earned a perfect composite score on the February 2024 ACT exam.

    "Achieving a perfect score on the ACT is a rare academic accomplishment," said AP Language and Composition teacher Mark Baker. "Carolyn lives and works by virtue, service and self-mastery. Full of intellectual curiosity, heart and will, Carolyn inspires all."

    Centennial High's Levi Sponsel also earned a 36 composite score on the February ACT.

    "Levi is a well-rounded student-athlete who has found the balance between academia and athletic success," said CHS Principal Dr. Kevin Dyson. "He embodies the definitions of perseverance and dedication, and we know he will be highly successful in his future endeavors. "

    Adelaide Edwards from Franklin High achieved a true 36 on the February ACT meaning she scored a 36 on each section of the test.

    "Adelaide is a kind, diligent and committed student," said FHS Assistant Principal Sarah Reynolds. "She is an extremely hard worker and is truly a wonderful representative of FHS. We could not be more proud of Adelaide for this amazing accomplishment."

    Nisanth Sundar from Page High scored a perfect composite score on the ACT in April 2023.