• Published April 3, 2024

    Students at Thompson's Station Middle are making a sweet art project.

    In TSMS art teacher Becky Bean's class, students are creating  candy portraits. Each student is using a grid to paint their chosen candy.

    "I chose Kit Kats because they're my favorite, and I love chocolate," said TSMS seventh grader Nathan Juss. 

  • Pearre Creek Elementary students are going down the yellow-brick road.

    Students are busy learning lines, choreography and music as they prepare for their upcoming performance of The Wizard of Oz.

    “The play has been really fun," said PCES fifth grader Addie Mae Polak. "My characters are a canoe person, jitterbug and a winged monkey. My favorite character I play is the jitterbug because of all the dancing and the costumes. My favorite part of the play has been learning all the dances. It's fun to do the moves while running around the stage with your friends doing all the jumps and spins."