• Published April 9, 2024

    Heritage Elementary students took part in a real-world science lesson Monday, April 8.

    While wearing their specialized sunglasses, HES students watched as the moon blocked out the sun in a near-total solar eclipse.

    "This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen," said HES second grader Chris Smathers. "The sun is glowing white. My teacher told us that the moon will be in front of the sun. This is so cool because I’m seeing the moon cover the sun, and I get to see them so close together and at the same time."

  • Students at Nolensville Elementary told the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast on Thursday, April 4.

    The fourth and fifth grade performers entertained their fellow students with fun music and hilarious onstage antics.

    "My favorite part of the show is when Gaston kept picking up LeFou," said NES student Goldie Hamilton. "It was really funny."