TV/Film Students Win Regional Awards

Students smile
  • Published April 16, 2024

    High school TV/Film students around the district proved they were among the region's best at the annual National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Nashville/Midsouth Student Production Awards April 12.

    Students from seven WCS high schools won 14 of the 16 categories in the competition. Brentwood High's WBHS 9 team won Best Newscast. BHS student David Ward won Best Commercial, and Eli Price won Best Music Video. Their teacher is Sloan Ashworth.

    "I am extremely proud of these students and how hard they have worked this year despite the snow days and short deadlines," Ashworth said. "They are extremely talented and competitive, and bringing home first-place trophies only sweetens the deal."

    Fairview High's Jacob Halford and Christian Halford won Best Non-Fiction. Their teacher is Rob Gregory.

    "These kids took the story of how I became a teacher and turned it into an award-winning documentary," said Gregory. "They can pretty much do anything."

    Franklin High students took home four first-place awards, including Best Arts, Entertainment and Cultural Affairs. FHS student Brayden Fox won Best News Story; Nick Lazarus, Kyle Dyra, Canon Paisley, Liam Phillips and Brayden Fox won Best Writing; and Anna Raye Jones tied for first in the Best Sports category. Their teacher is Keri Thompson.

    "FHS made a Lip Dub last spring as a 10-year anniversary tribute to our amazing lip dub back in 2013," Thompson said. "Brayden Fox creatively told the story of the lip dub. He is so talented behind the camera and in editing. Anna Raye Jones' victory in the sports video category is a testament to her incredible talent and drive in capturing the heart and spirit of our football team's journey for the past three years. This is such a talented group of writers and filmmakers. I'm so happy for them that their work was recognized in this competition."

    Independence High's Ryan Cantabene won Best Editor. His teacher is Matt Balzer.

    "I'm so proud of Ryan and the work that he has done during his entire time at Independence," Balzer said. "He has spent countless hours in the editing room creating videos for many different events. His attention to detail and his creativity have been second to none during his time here."

    Nolensville High students Eric Youngkins, Mason Davis, Cash Street and Cameron Olenick won Best Fiction. The NHS TV/Film teacher is Brian Bass.

    "It can sometimes be difficult for talented people to work together," said Bass. "I knew all of these kids had so much talent and to watch them take the next step and collaborate as a team to make this film come together was one of my proudest moments as a teacher."

    Page High School Broadcasting won three awards: Hayley Zehnder won both Best Talent and Best Director, and Kaelyn Hemingway won Best Photographer. Their teacher is David Holt.

    "It was such an honor to be able to participate," said Kaelyn. "It was a fantastic opportunity to see all the talented people, and it was a spectacular event. I'm so lucky to have won and couldn't do it without my amazing partner Hayley."

    Ravenwood High students Mia Johnston and Katelyn Brothers won Best Public Service Announcement (PSA). Their teacher is Lily Keen.

    "Mia and Katelyn are a talented duo who have consistently exceeded expectations," Keen said. "I'm so proud of them for making such and important and creative PSA. They've set the standard for excellence among their peers and will raise the bar for other film students next year."

    Congratulations to the students listed below:

    Best Arts, Entertainment and Cultural Affairs

    Best Editor

    • Ryan Cantabene, Independence High

    Best Director

    • Now That I've Found You - Hayley Zehnder, Page High

    Best News Story

    Best Talent

    • Hayley Zehnder, Page High

    Best Writing

    • Franklin Mayoral Campaign - Nick Lazarus, Kyle Dyra, Canon Paisley, Liam Phillips and Brayden Fox, Franklin High

    Best Sports

    • 22 Games - Anna Raye Jones, Franklin High

    Best Fiction

    • Karma Opus - Eric Youngkins, Mason Davis, Cash Street and Cameron Olenick, Nolensville High

    Best Non-Fiction

    • Robumentary - Jacob Halford and Christian Halford, Fairview High

    Best Photographer

    • Now That I've Found You - Kaelyn Hemingway, Page High

    Best Music Video

    • Jay-Z Unplugged - Eli Price, Brentwood High

    Best Commercial

    • Stickers! - David Ward, Brentwood High

    Best Public Service Announcement

    • ADHD - Mia Johnston and Katelyn Brothers, Ravenwood High

    Best Newscast

    • WBHS 9, Brentwood High