• Published May 7, 2024

    First graders at Amanda H. North Elementary were farmers for a day. 

    On their recent field trip to Gentry Farm, students learned about feeding cows, using a map and compass and making seeds grow. 

    "This field trip was really informative," said ANES student Jackson Wesson. "I learned that cows have four stomachs and that seeds can travel in the wind or on people's shoes."

  • Mill Creek Elementary kindergartners put on their lab coats as they made their own volcanoes in class. 

    Using knowledge from previous science lessons, they formed a hypothesis about the possible outcomes. Students were thrilled as they witnessed the mini eruptions.

    "It was really fun," said MCES kindergartner Brock Martin. "I tried to put the fizzies back in the volcano, and it wasn’t really working, but I kept trying. I was so happy.”