Across the Board - May 20, 2024

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  • Published May 21, 2024

    The Williamson County School Board approved a revised 2024-25 school year budget that includes a General Purpose School Fund of $555,060,228; a Central Cafeteria Fund of $19,668,669; and an Extended School Program Fund of $7,010,239. The revised budget must now be voted on by the full County Commission at its June 20 meeting.

    In his report to the Board, WCS Superintendent Jason Golden thanked those who spoke at public comment. Golden also spoke about third-grade TCAP quick scores. He encouraged viewers to watch the May 17 work session to hear discussion about budgets from the Board members.

    In Student Spotlights, many WCS media students were recognized for their success at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Regional Student Production Awards. Brentwood High's WBHS 9 program won Best Newscast; David Ward won Best Commercial; and Eli Price Won Best Music Video. Their teacher is Sloan Ashworth.

    Fairview High's Jacob Halford and Christian Halford won Best Non-Fiction. Their teacher is Rob Gregory.

    Franklin High's Nick Lazarus, Kyle Dyra, Canon Paisley, Liam Phillips and Brayden Fox won Best Writing; Brayden Fox won Best News Story; Anna Raye Jones won Best Sports; and FHS Media won Best Arts, Entertainment and Cultural Affairs. Their teacher is Keri Thompson.

    Independence High student Ryan Cantabene won Best Editor. His teacher is Matt Balzer.

    Nolensville High's Eric Youngkins, Mason Davis, Cash Street and Cameron Olenick won Best Fiction. Their teacher is Brian Bass.

    Page High student Hayley Zehnder won Best Talent and Best Director, and Kaelyn Hemingway won Best Photographer. Their teacher is David Holt.

    Ravenwood High's Mia Johnston and Katelyn Brothers won Best Public Service Announcement. Their teacher is Lily Keen.

    Two forensics students were also celebrated for their success at the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) Congressional Debate national qualifying event. Brentwood High's Parsa Khairollahi won first place in the Senate, and Nolensville High's Jonathan Okokhere placed first in the House. The Brentwood High coaches are Harriet Medlin and Matt Grimes, and the Nolensville High coach is Wilson Boyd.

    Also in speech and debate, Brentwood High's Meredith Yount and Jasmine Merrikh won the Tennessee High School Speech and Debate League (THSSDL) Public Forum Debate. Their coaches are Harriet Medlin and Matt Grimes. Summit High's Ella McCullough won the Congressional Debate. Her coach is Christina Crutcher.

    Students excelled at the Tennessee State Science Olympiad. Ravenwood High placed first in the competition and advanced to nationals. Ravenwood High's Sophie McAtee and Sophia Wang won the Astronomy category; Ajay Balaje and Sophie McAtee won the Geological Mapping category; Christina Chen and Ryland Hoskins won the Optics category; Rohan Kilaru and Aditya Pradeep won the Robot Tour category; and Gwen Moser and Grady Landry won the Tower category. Their teacher is Avrill Buersetta.

    Brentwood High's Katherine Perez and Katie Wang won the Codebusters category; Andrew Gan and Luke Haws won the Detector Building category; Trishita Paul and Teebro Paul won the Ecology category; and Ryan Gardocki and Andrew Gan won the Microbe Missions category. Their teachers are Margaret Bernard and Abigail Hocking.

    Summit High's James Rayfield and Cole Watson won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Create Challenge Product Feasibility category. Their teacher is Brent Greene.

    In Staff Spotlights, Ravenwood High choir director Rose Hellmers was celebrated for being named the Tennessee Music Education Association Young Music Educator of the Year.

    In New Business, the Board:

    • Approved the following revised 2024-25 Budget Items:
      • General Purpose School Fund - $555,060,228
      • Central Cafeteria Fund - $19,668,669
      • Extended School Program Fund - $7,010,239
      • Education Capital Projects Fund Intracategory Transfer - Technology - $2,500,000
    • Approved the following 2023-24 School Board Budget Items:
      • General Purpose School Fund Amendment Summer Learning Camps Grant - $4,400,725
      • General Purpose School Fund Amendment Summer Learning Transportation Grant - $798,171
      • General Purpose School Fund Amendment Fine Arts Donation - $48,825
      • General Purpose School Fund Resolution Reallocation to Contracted Services - $275,000
      • General Purpose School Fund Resolution Student Support Services Legal Expenses - $300,000
      • General Purpose School Fund Resolution Trustee Commission - $800,000
      • General Purpose School Fund Resolution ESCO Payment - $1,141,922.32
      • General Purpose School Fund Resolution Additional Insurance Expenses - $800,000
      • General Purpose School Fund Resolution Additional Operation Expenses - $200,000
      • Extended School Program Fund Resolution Additional Extended School Program Expenses - $263,286
    • Approved the following Board Policy on First Reading:
      • Library Materials - New Statutory Amendments

    In Other Business, the School Board:

    • Approved the Agenda
    • Approved the Consent Agenda, which includes:
      • April 15, 2024, School Board Meeting Minutes
      • The following Board Policies on Second Reading:
        • Online Learning Program
        • Attendance
      • Kingdom Chasers Church at Creekside Elementary School
      • Request for Middle Tennessee Electric Easement at Maintenance Building
      • Request for Middle Tennessee Electric Easement at Transportation Building
      • Recommendation for Field Trip Fee Requestss

    The Board meeting in its entirety is available on the WC-TV YouTube channel.

    The next regular School Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 17, at 6:30 p.m.