Announcements and Events

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  • Safety Points from our S.R.O., Deputy Crigger

    AM Car Rider Line: In the mornings, please watch for the “thumbs up” from BMS Staff before letting your student get out of your vehicle. This is for your student’s safety, as other cars may still be moving and may not see your child. Please continue to pull all the way forward to the car in front of you, leaving no gaps. This helps all parents complete the Car Rider Line faster. Begin in the same lane that you want to exit the parking lot. Attempting to change lanes causes a slowdown in all lanes. 

    PM Car Rider Line: In the afternoons, outside lanes are student loading lanes, and the middle lane is the EXIT lane. Please do NOT stop your vehicle in the EXIT (middle) lane to pick up your student. Also, please pull all the way forward to the STOP HERE sign, so we can get everyone through the line as quickly as possible. 

    Pick Up/Drop Off Location: The only location to drop off or pick up your student is in front of BMS main building in the Car Rider Line. Please do not pull into any side lots, side streets, staff parking lots or wait/park in front of the STEM Building in an attempt to skip the Car Rider Line. We understand that waiting in the Car Rider Line can be slow, but the safety of students, teachers, and bus drivers must come first. Bus drivers have been reporting cars weaving in and out of buses and/or getting stuck in-between buses and this is a major safety issue. We ask that everyone pick up and drop off in the only correct location, the Car Rider Line.

    Obey all Entrance/Exit Signs: Do not enter the school lot by pulling in the wrong way through an exit to avoid having to wait in the Car Rider Line. It is extremely dangerous to students, teachers, and bus drivers. Please abide by all Entrance/Exit signs and work with us to keep everyone safe

  • Bus Note Updated

    WCS Policy Bus notes for after school bus changes will be restricted in 2020-2021 to control the number of students and distancing more adequately on each scheduled bus route. We are asking parents to limit bus note requests to only essential after school childcare needs and emergency situations during the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you for your attention to this request.

  • Early Dismissals, Tardies and Absent Days

    Any time your student misses a class, please send an excuse email with complete details to the (1) Teacher missed and an (2) Attendance Secretary: Jacque Layfield or Kathy Anderson during Remote and/or In-Person Learning. It is imperative that we get these communications from parents, so that students are not counted unexcused in skyward attendance.

  • Mission Possible 2020-2021

    While the beginning of our 2020-2021 school year may look and feel a bit different, the BMS PTO is committed, as always, to making it the very best for our students, teachers and parents! We can make it even better with your participation in the Mission Possible fundraising effort. Please visit the PTO website to access Mission Possible and give now! Our goal this year is to have all families participate and raise at least $105,000. The suggested donation is $150 per child, but we will gladly accept any amount you are able to contribute. At checkout, you will also be able to make an additional donation, if you so wish, to help a family or student who is unable to give at this time. Please see attached letter from the PTO

  • Come and Support our Vikings!

    BMS Athletics have begun! Let’s get together, show our Viking Pride, and cheer on our Vikings!

    • Cross Country Meet - Wednesday, September 16 at Woodland
    • Volleyball Game - Wednesday, September 16 against Spring Station at Home
    • Golf Match - Thursday, September 17 against Spring Station
    • Varsity Football - Thursday, September 17 Varsity against Freedom at Centennial
    • Tennis Match - Thursday, September 17 at Thompson Station