Athletic Annual Physical Process

  • In order to be eligible to tryout and participate in athletic programs or activities, all required athletic annual physical forms must be completed electronically through the Williamson County Schools FinalForms online dashboard. This enables parents and students to complete required athletic forms electronically. For parents and students new to Williamson County Schools, you can follow the link to the Final Forms page. Once there you will need to create a Final Forms account login using the same email that you used for your Skyward access. You will choose a new password, the login information is not automatically the same as your Skyward login information. Once you have chosen a password you will then be able to login and sign the forms for your student’s participation in Athletics. If you have trouble, contact the Athletic Director at the school.

    Complete information regarding athletics can be found at the Williamson County Schools district website athletics department.

Ravenwood student section on a Friday night