• The Role of a School Social Worker

    School social workers act as a liaison between school, home and community. They provide comprehensive services to students, families and school systems to prevent, remediate and remove psychological barriers interfering with learning.

    School social workers have Masters Degrees in Social Work and are licensed by both the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee Board of Social Work. They participate as a member of the educational team to help a student succeed in an academic setting and to advocate for the best interest in the student.

    Social workers also work with families to help them participate effectively in their child’s education, to find and use appropriate resources and to facilitate communication between the home and the school.

    School social workers collaborate with the school staff to help students and their families. They help identify factors in the child’s home, school and community environment that may be barriers to the child’s learning. They are also able to identify, intervene and refer students with mental health needs and to consult during a crisis.