Tennessee State Board of Education Changes Grading Policy

  • Published April 14, 2020

    Williamson County Schools has adjusted its grading policy for Spring 2020 based on action taken by the State Board of Education last week. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Board passed a rule that no high school students should receive a grade lower than the grade they earned in a class as of March 20, 2020, the day the Governor recommended all schools close. WCS is applying that State grading standard to all grade levels that receive letter grades, grades 2-12 per Board Policy 4.600, but for WCS, students will receive no final grade lower than what was earned through completed assignments and assessments as of March 6. Schools were closed March 6 when Williamson County experienced the first COVID-19 case followed by Spring Break. Students in kindergarten and first grade will continue to work toward review and completion of the standards to prepare for next year.

    The State Board also gave schools the authority to give students the opportunity to improve their grades. In WCS, teachers will share information with students this week with opportunities to improve grades beginning next week.  The Williamson County Board of Education will meet virtually on Monday, April 20 to adjust WCS policies based on the State Board’s actions.

    Instructional staff have updated the Learning and Grading Plan to reflect the State Board’s actions, and teachers continue to update resources for students. Teachers will continue to send weekly pacing guidance to students on how to best utilize the resources for their class or content area, and teachers may support their students through reteaching, remediation, Q and A sessions, student feedback and/or giving further explanation through email, videoconferencing or through learning platforms like Google Classroom and Schoology. Student Support Services can also schedule appointments for virtual meetings with students and parents/guardians. Remember that student participation is encouraged but not required, and new assignments are not required for students.