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    The Brentwood High School Counseling Center is here to assist you with your College and Career Planning needs. BHS counselors focus on the process of preparing for testing and college applications, getting to know your strengths and creative passions, and encouraging you to expand your academic and extracurricular interests to strengthen your college resume.  

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  • BHS Parent Academies

    Presented by Stephen Womack, WCS College Readiness Specialist

    The goal of the Parent Academy is to discuss the issues that our kids will face that will impact their families as they prepare for what comes after high school. Our time together will be seeking to better understand the processes and preparing for conversations to have with our kids as they plan for those next steps. Participants will be engaged in discussions that prepare for those conversations.

    • Class 1: Paths and Fit
      There are multiple ways to get from one point to another. We will explore some of those paths, consider the benefits and "fit" of each, and discuss ways to help our kids pick the path that is best for them.
    • Class 2: The Impact of Testing
      We will explore how achievement on various tests might impact opportunities and scholarships while considering how we can support our kids as they work to improve.
    • Class 3: Beyond Testing
      We will look at components beyond testing that are part of a holistic review of students for admission and scholarship considerations, and we will discuss how to help our kids cultivate those traits.
    • Class 4: Writings That Matter
      Admission essays, scholarship essays, and recommendations can all impact students' opportunities. We’ll discuss how to help our kids get the most out of these writing opportunities.
    • Class 5: Money for Everyone (coming soon!)
      We will explore the cost and price of college, the factors that influence the cost of college, and the conversations we can have with our kids about money.


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