• Published August 18, 2020

    After three decades of service on the Williamson County Board of Education and 11 years as Board Chairman, Gary Anderson closed his final meeting with the bang of the gavel August 17. He will continue to be celebrated for his service on August 24, Gary B. Anderson Day in Williamson County. Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson made the declaration at the August 17 School Board meeting, where he reflected on Gary Anderson’s service to the district and in the Nolensville and Page communities.

    In 1990, Anderson was elected to serve on the School Board. He was elected to serve as Chairman first from 2002-2008 and then again from 2015-2020. Over the years, Anderson not only served as a PTO President but as a volunteer coach and music teacher. He likes to tell the story that he ran for School Board to help get music and art teachers in the elementary schools, which he did.

    "Gary has had such a positive impact on so many people over the years. We can’t even begin to measure his influence," said Superintendent Jason Golden. "He has taught me personally the value of instruction and the value of what we do for students."

    Anderson is the longest serving Board member in school district history. During his time on the Board, the district has more than doubled in size to include students, staff and facilities. Anderson is a staunch supporter of public education whose children are graduates of Page High, and whose grandchildren living in Williamson County attend Mill Creek Elementary, Mill Creek Middle and Nolensville High.

    "I have had the honor of working with Gary since I joined the district 24 years ago, and during that time his dedication to all of the students and staff of WCS has never wavered," said WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong. "His work toward expanding fine arts programs, improving athletic opportunities and setting high expectations for academic excellence in addition to understanding and supporting the needs of teachers and staff are some of the reasons why WCS is the outstanding school district it is today."

    The School Board gifted Anderson with a Tennessee flag that was flown over the State Capitol and they presented him with a State House of Representatives Joint Resolution recognizing and thanking Anderson for his efforts over the years.

    "Gary Anderson is uncomfortable with attention and kudos, but sometimes it’s important to say what needs to be said," said Board Vice Chairman Nancy Garrett. "For the past 30 years, Gary has devoted himself to our community through his service to the Williamson County School Board. His knowledge of school operations, mentorship and encouragement to his fellow Board Members and his steady leadership have contributed greatly to the sustained growth and excellence of Williamson County Schools. Gary would prefer to go off quietly into the sunset, but his influence and impact on our community is worthy of our acknowledgment, appreciation and respect."