• Published September 8, 2020

    Students at Jordan Elementary are learning about their school and school counselors through friendly competition.

    School Counselor Taren Hatcher visited classrooms around the school with a special Jeopardy game aimed at teaching students what resources Jordan Elementary has to offer.

    "Now that third through fifth grade is back in the building, I wanted our first lesson together to be an overview of Jordan school rules and our school-wide behavior program," said Hatcher. "It's meant to help them learn more about my role as a school counselor."

    During the game, students were asked questions about how a counselor can help them, some of the key rooms and areas in the building and how they were expected to act during the day. Putting that
    information into a game, Taren says, makes the students more engaged.

    "It's awesome to see how much they enjoy the game and learn at the same time," she said.

    As a school counselor, Hatcher is a resource to students, and she wants to make sure they take advantage of that. She and other elementary school counselors are trained in child development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills.

    "If a student needs my help this year, I want them to know exactly what I can help them with and how they can reach me," she said.

    Hatcher's creative teaching method isn't new. She utilizes the game throughout the year with different subjects, and it's become something students look forward to each year.

    "It was a veteran elementary school counselor that taught me how to use this lesson," Hatcher said. "I incorporate a couple of Jeopardy games on various topics throughout the year in my Life Skills class. The kids are always asking for it."