Staying Healthy During the School Year

  • Temperature being taken

    Published July 28, 2020

    Keeping students healthy and learning this fall will be a combined effort between families and the district.

    Families are asked to check in with their children each morning for signs of illness. The revised WCS Illness Guidelines should be used to determine when a student should remain at home. Because the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to many other infections, the district is asking students to be fever-free for 72 hours without taking fever-reducing medicine.

    Prompt Pick-Up

    If a family receives a call from the school that their child is ill, be prepared to pick them up promptly and follow return to school guidelines from by the school nurse. Parents should make sure the information their school has is current, including emergency contacts and individuals authorized to pick up their students from school.

    Health Needs

    If a student has a medical need requiring accommodations or emergency care during the school day, a school nurse will work with the family and the health care provider to establish an Individual Health Care Plan addressing those needs.


    All medications, both prescription and non-prescription, must be brought to the school nurse by a parent/guardian with a completed WCS Medication Authorization Form. A new form is required each school year. Parents can print authorization forms by selecting Health Forms on the WCS Health Services page.  Other than certain emergency medications, students are not permitted to carry their medications in their backpack or pockets. This includes vitamins, cough drops and over-the-counter pain relievers.


    Families should make sure students are up-to-date with all recommended vaccines. A Tennessee Certificate of Immunization is required for each new student before the first day of attendance. Students entering seventh grade also need an updated immunization certificate. Families moving from out of state can make an online request with the health department for immunization records to be transferred to a TN immunization certificate. A Tennessee licensed health care provider can also provide a Tennessee immunization certificate.

    Hand Hygiene

    Families are encouraged to review and practice proper hand-washing techniques at home, especially before and after eating, sneezing, coughing and adjusting a face cover.

    Cloth Face Coverings

    Explain the importance of wearing a cloth face covering and how it protects other people from getting sick to young students. Parents should find their students a face covering they like and continue to build their comfort by wearing it at home. Consider having multiple cloth face coverings, so they can be washed daily. Label face coverings with a permanent marker. Additional suggestions are available from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    COVID-19 FAQs

    When can children who have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 return to school? Families will find an answer to that question and many more on the district’s Frequently Asked Questions webpage for School Nurse Services.

    Public Information

    For individuals who wish to subscribe to the Williamson County’s Public Information text system, text keyword WCCOVID to 888-777. In addition, the TN COVID-TN public hotline number is 877-857-2945.