WCS Helps Share Health Department Messages

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    Published August 25, 2020

    Because WCS has a communication system with phone and email addresses already entered for WCS families and staff, those affected by COVID-19 may receive communication directly from Williamson County Schools on behalf of the Williamson County Health Department. The district is supporting the Health Department’s goal of reducing the spread of the virus by assisting with the notification of families and staff so they can receive those Health Department messages more quickly.

    After the Health Department completes its investigation and has identified all potential contacts to a COVID-19 case, district communications staff will share the Health Department’s message with those affected. County Health Director Cathy Montgomery said that the two entities working together helps keep WCS school communities safer. “We ask the school district to assist with the notification of school-related COVID-19 contacts in order to quickly implement quarantine protocols and ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff,” said Montgomery.

    While the Health Department investigates each COVID-19 case through both an interview and contact tracing, WCS also assists the health department by providing essential information about school related activities where exposure could have occurred when a case is identified in the school community.

    As of August 25, there are 15 staff members in isolation and 22 in quarantine with 17 students in isolation and 111 in quarantine spread across 40 of the district’s 49 schools and the district office. For COVID-19 cases in 5-18 year old children, the State Department of Health has information posted on its website.