Winstead Elementary Students Vote

  • Published November 3, 2020

    Students at Winstead Elementary are learning about the voting process and participating in their own school-wide election.

    Fifth-grade student council members helped at the polling site by checking voter registration cards, passing out stickers and directing the voters where they needed to go. Two students represented the presidential candidates and made classroom visits to encourage voting and ask for support.

    "Our goal today was to provide students an opportunity to see the real-life voting process in an election," said WSES math coach Becky Bolden. "The students loved getting to participate in something that so closely resembled reality and were very proud to say that they voted. They especially loved getting a visit from Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who were portrayed by fifth grade student volunteers."

  • In the video above, two Winstead Elementary students prove that you can have differing political views and still be friends and respect one another at the end of the day.