Teachers Use Asynchronous Learning Day to Collaborate

  • Teacher at laptop

    Published September 22, 2020

    WCS middle and high school teachers are excited to bring the lessons they learned during today’s Asynchronous Day back to the classroom.

    The Asynchronous Learning Day is meant to give teachers the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues whether teaching on-campus, online or remote. Since the school year began, teachers have been working tirelessly to keep up with the learning curve that comes with the new and changing learning environment. They have also had to adapt to using additional digital platforms and new tools in order to meet their students' needs and engage with their classes.

    "Teachers have sacrificed family time, personal time and sleep time in their dedication, and they are rising to the challenges, but they are overwhelmed," said WCS Executive Director of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Laurette Carle. "We value our teachers and want them to stay strong and healthy. Now that we have developed structures and routines for students to effectively continue their learning through digital platforms at their own pace when needed, it made sense to dedicate a day to asynchronous learning."

    During Asynchronous Learning Day, students continued their lessons on their own as teachers participated in professional development sessions on topics they need help with.

    "We had meetings on new tools we have, and I've worked with my related arts community here at the school," said Legacy Middle School Spanish teacher Rebecca Cooksey. "Today's been pretty packed. I missed our asynchronous Fridays while we were remote, because it was nice to get that one-on-one time."

    Teachers met with their colleagues both in-person and through virtual sessions.

    "Teachers learn and grow by collaborating and talking with colleagues to solve their challenges for teaching and learning," Carle said. "They will learn things to help them more seamlessly integrate technology and use it to support the strong teaching strategies they had already mastered in a traditional brick and mortar environment."

    The district will gather feedback on the Asynchronous Learning Day to evaluate its value and effects as it considers additional days in the future.