Spring Registration Begins October 5

  • Spring Registration

    Published September 29, 2020

    Student registration for the Spring semester will begin October 5 for students who want to transition from traditional learning to the Online program, who want to transition from the Online program to traditional learning, or who are enrolled in Online and want to remain Online. 

    Families will have until Wednesday, October 14 to submit their registration form via Skyward. Registration will end at 11:59 that evening, and those decisions will then be final. This will give the District time to determine both schedules and staffing before the Spring semester begins. 

    Those students who are currently traditional learners - which means they are learning on-campus - and want to stay that way during the Spring semester - will not need to fill out a form. By not completing a form, those students will automatically be counted as traditional learners for the Spring semester.

    To assist families as they make their decision, the District has posted a list of Frequently Asked Questions on its website.