Rumor Mill - October 6, 2020

  • Rumor Mill

    Published October 6, 2020

    Why is the district not waiting until later for parents to decide about spring semester registration? Why do you need more than two months to schedule and staff classes?

    The complexities of high school master scheduling, including assigning teachers and students to the approximately 200 high school course offerings, are difficult to grasp at individual schools even in simple years. Combining students from 10 schools for each of these sections with the appropriately-licensed teacher greatly multiplies that complexity. In addition, teacher and student moves at the elementary and middle school level that have simply never happened mid-year will occur this year for the first time, likely even to the point that some of those classes will have to be restructured due to State class size requirements. Therefore, in order to be prepared for the second semester, staff has strongly requested the October 14 deadline.