WCS Opens Book Clubs to Online Students

  • Book club meeting

    Published November 3, 2020

    Whether they are learning from home or at school, middle and high school students are sharing their love for reading through book clubs.

    In the spring, the middle and high schools hosted virtual book clubs for their students. This year, with the expansion of the WCS Online program, the meetings are a mixture of in-person and Zoom calls.

    Each high school is selecting a book to read and discuss. Using tools in Google Classroom, the clubs are able to include students in the WCS Online program.

    "We made a special effort to make online students a part of the school book clubs," Monroe said.

    Middle school students have six different book clubs that cover a variety of genres. Most of the meetings are held through Zoom, but there are opportunities for students to connect between the weekly meetings. Google Classroom allows students to talk and interact between meetings.

    "The students had a great time at our first meeting just getting to know each other and building interest in our book," said Grassland Middle librarian Susan Oldham. "Since some of our students are still not in the building, this is a great way to allow them to interact with students who are and to simultaneously share their love of books and reading."

    The clubs are open to all WCS Online students. To join, students should reach out to their English/Language Arts teacher for information.