Sunset Middle ELA Teacher Delivers Cupcakes for Lesson

  • A teacher and student hold up a bag with cupcakes

    Published December 3, 2020

    Even though students at Sunset Middle are learning remotely, sixth grade teacher Amber Garrett wants her students to have the same experience they would in the classroom.

    To start their lesson about themes and how they relate to stories, Garrett told her students to expect a special surprise on Tuesday.

    "I just wanted to do a little something special for my students," Garrett said. "I didn't want them to miss out on all the fun since we were remote. They were really excited to see what it was."

    Garrett and SMS Principal Amy Maffei delivered prepackaged cupcakes to the students' doorsteps. At the beginning of Wednesday's lesson, Garrett asked her students how a cupcake might relate to theme. Just like the cream is inside the cupcake, a theme is inside a story.

    "At first, they think I'm crazy," Garrett said. "After we talk about it, they start to realize how they relate. After that, they never forget what theme is."