Rumor Mill - December 8, 2020

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    Published December 8, 2020

    I've heard that all second semester athletic events will be canceled. Is this true?

    That is not true. However, due to increased COVID-19 spread in Williamson County, tighter restrictions have been established to ensure that events are able to continue. The district will continue to require mask-wearing, temperature checks and limited attendance to prevent spread, but the following guidelines have also been put into place:

    • Shifting banquets and indoor celebrations to remote until further notice.
    • Indoor athletic contest tickets at the high school level will be restricted to a maximum of four tickets per player and coach.
    • Indoor athletic contest tickets at the middle school level will be restricted to a maximum of two to three tickets per player and coach based on gym capacity.
    • Outdoor athletic contests are restricted to one-third of the venue capacity with student section restrictions and spacing.
    • Indoor fine arts events may be held with the audience restricted to one-third of the auditorium’s capacity.
    • Coaches and students are expected to remain masked when not involved in the competition on the court, field or mat.
    • WCS will not participate in events, community or other, in venues with unrestricted attendance, including those open to the general public. WCS does not promote large gatherings with unlimited attendance at this time.

    Will end-of-semester exams scores be counted this year? 

    Yes, exams will count as part of a student's grade. WCS Board Policy requires end-of-semester exams, and students have planned from the beginning of the semester for these exams. Teachers will focus on the core, essential State standards, and exams will only include material that has been covered during the semester. Exam schedules have been altered. At the high school level, exams will be limited to mornings. Additional study preparation time will be available in the afternoons, plus a 30-minute “just in time” review before each exam.

    Families of middle school students will need to contact their child’s school for their exam schedule.

    The purpose of this section is to answer any questions parents, teachers or community members might have regarding the school district and to set the record straight in regards to any rumors that might be circulating. If you have a question or have heard a rumor that you would like for us to address, simply EMAIL US your questions and we will respond to them in upcoming issues of InFocus.