Crockett Elementary Uses Video to Share STEM Projects

  • Boy points at smart board

    Published December 11, 2020

    Students at Crockett Elementary are making the most of their Flex Asynchronous Days.

    Fifth grade teacher Brittany Richardson's class used Friday, December 4, to complete a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) challenge from home. The students were tasked with creating a "gingerbread" house out of materials around their home, including cardboard, popsicle sticks and paper. Their house had to protect a paper gingerbread man from those who were chasing him.

    "I love any hands-on activities for the kids," Richardson said. "The STEM activity gives them a chance to use items they already have access to and make their learning hands-on."

    To present their projects to their class, students used their Chromebooks to record a video that demonstrated both a chemical and physical reaction in their houses. Roasting marshmallows, mixing baking soda and vinegar and burning paper are just a few of the chemical reactions students created.

    "We have talked about chemical and physical changes a bit in class, and this gives them a chance to apply that knowledge," Richardson said. "Students have loved having this chance to complete these assignments on asynchronous days."

    Fifth grader Asher Eskew got creative with the challenge. For his physical reaction, he used a piece of broken mirror. For his chemical reaction, he used a piece of burnt paper. Both items were part of Asher's story, which involved a dragon.

    "We had to get our own materials," Asher said. "I feel like it's more fun because you can do it however you want, and you get to build it at your own house. I like STEM challenges because you get to make your own thing, and you don't have to follow certain rules."