Check Bus Information Before Second Semester

  • Boy stepping off of bus

    Published December 15, 2020

    Students and their families should check their bus numbers and routes before the second semester begins Tuesday, January 5.

    As new families move to the district, and as students return to on-campus learning, bus routes will be adjusted. In order to stay updated, families should check the bus information using Infofinder on the WCS website.

    Families may also download the StopFinder app to have access to information about their student's bus schedule and bus stop location. More information about StopFinder is available on the Bus Routes and School Zones page of the WCS website.

    Bus service requests may be updated year-round using a Skyward Familiy Access account. To change a bus service request, go under Online Forms to Bus Info and change the "no" to "yes" if a student will ride the bus at least one day per week. If the student no longer plans to ride the bus, change the "yes" to "no." Doing this keeps student lists accurate for bus drivers. A guide for online forms is available to assist families.