High School Students Ace ACT

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    Published November 9, 2020

    More than a dozen WCS high school students are excelling in the classroom and earning perfect composite scores on the ACT.

    Since the end of the 2019-2020 school year, students from around the county have been racking up 36 composite scores. Brentwood High alone has 10 students who aced the college readiness exam. Shilpa Chowbey, Angela Huo, Julia Lee, Tyler Myers, Nelson Rose, Jane Stallman, Anna Sullivan, Steven Walter, Emily Van Schaack and Eric Youngberg all earned the honor.

    Emma Sowers and Jacob Williams

    Jacob Williams at Centennial High also earned a perfect composite score on his exam.

    "Jacob is an outstanding scholar with a tremendous work ethic," said CHS Principal Dr. Meghen Sanders. "Congratulations to him, and Cougar Nation is so proud."

    Emma Sowers at Independence High can add the impressive achievement to her resume.

    "We are so proud of Emma and her accomplishments," said IHS Principal Dr. Niki Patton. "For a student who is as well-rounded and kind as Emma, achieving a perfect ACT score is even more special. We are so excited to watch her future successes."

    Jason Amsler and Brandon Vaughan

    Franklin High's Jason Amsler and Brandon Vaughan both scored 36 composites.

    "Jason Amsler is a dedicated student whose goal-oriented while being kind and easy-going," said FHS Principal Dr. Shane Pantall. "He is a National Merit Semifinalist and a captain on the FHS varsity football team. Brandon Vaughan, also a National Merit Semifinalist, is a tremendously talented student in academics and the arts who puts forth maximum effort in every area and in marching band. His strong work ethic and positive attitude have helped him achieve his goals. We are so proud of their accomplishments."

    Joshua Lu and Casey Gooden

    Joshua Lu is one of two Ravenwood High students to earn the honor.

    "Josh is one of the most memorable students I have taught," said RHS science teacher Elizabeth Greer. "He is a level-headed, thoughtful young man with an impressive persistence and intrinsic motivation to learn and excel. He is bound to be a great man of science."

    Casey Gooden is the other Ravenwood High student who achieved a perfect composite.

    "Casey is a gifted student and athlete," said RHS science teacher Avrill Buerstetta. "Her time-management skills are impressive, and she is consistently a top academic student."