Student Songs Performed at Country Music Hall of Fame Virtual Event

  • Two student songwriters

    Published July 7, 2020

    Two talented songwriters will have the opportunity to hear their work performed at the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Words and Music 2020 event.

    Thompson’s Station Middle student Hunter Reed and Trinity Elementary student Talha Zaidi are two of only 10 students who will have their songs performed at the virtual event. Their songs were selected out of thousands of submissions.

    Hunter and Talha both took part in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Words and Music program this year. The program teaches students about songwriting.

    “We learn the basic parts of a song, the key things to include and how the lyrics are put to music,” Hunter said. “I didn’t know some of these things beforehand.”

    The inspiration for Hunter’s song, Slow Motion, came from the thought that we need to pay attention to and be thankful for what we have.

    “I was very glad to be selected, and it made me feel great that my song was chosen to be performed,” Hunter said. “It was fun to put the thoughts from my head into words and to write it down. I’ve already written two more songs during this break and hope to write more.”

    Talha’s song, My Boots, is an ode to his favorite pair of shoes. Talha’s songwriting inspiration often comes from things around him or things he enjoys.

    “I love my boots so much, and I wear them every day,” he said. “I feel really special that my song was chosen. I am excited that my family will hear it.”

    Hunter and Talha’s songs will be performed during the online Words and Music Night July 9 beginning at 6 p.m. More information about the program can be found on the Country Music Hall of Fame’s website.