What to Know About Flex Asynchronous Days

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    Published January 12, 2021

    Students who were learning online during the first semester but have chosen to learn on-campus during the second semester will experience their first Flex Asynchronous Day Friday, January 15.

    The School Board approved Flex Asynchronous Days at its October 19 meeting to allow teachers more time to create effective lesson plans. Because of the pandemic, teachers must be prepared to give instruction in the building while also having students at home due to quarantine. If a class or building is required to learn remotely, that lesson must be adapted to a new format. Flex Asynchronous Days give teachers time to collaborate with colleagues and share best practices.

    "The added planning time has been incredibly helpful for our teachers, but the reality is they're still working many extra hours on behalf of our students," said Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Dr. Dave Allen.

    Flex Asynchronous Days begin with a live check-in with a student's teacher. After the check-in, students will then work asynchronously at their own pace. While material and lessons look different depending on grade level, students can expect to see activities that include pre-recorded videos, interactive digital assignments, demonstrations, group project and other instructional strategies.

    "I’m thankful to work in a district with such dedicated professionals," Allen said. "I think all of us will be excited to have students back in the classroom full-time, but I’m incredibly proud of our teachers and the instruction and learning I see across the district during these difficult times.