Mid, All-State Bands, Orchestras Announced

  • Published January 26, 2021

    It takes a talented musician to earn a spot on the Tennessee Mid-State and All-State Bands and Orchestras, and dozens of WCS students are showing they have the skills.

    Out of the 1,500 students who auditioned, 182 WCS students were selected or chosen as an alternate. Additionally, 37 students received the All-State status.

    "Just to audition takes months of preparation and practice, above and beyond what they do in their band and orchestra classes every day," said WCS Fine Arts Director David Aydelott. "Qualities like artistry, perseverance, creativity and time management are essential for any student preparing for an audition, and those qualities so often transfer to success in school and life. Also essential are the parents and teachers of these students, as they guide these young people along the way."

    Students with an asterisk next to their name received the All-State designation. Congratulations to the following students:

9-10 Band

9-10 Mid, All-State Band

11-12 Band

Mid/All-State Band Students

9-10 Orchestra

9-10 Orchestra

11-12 Orchestra

11-12 Orchestra

9-12 Jazz Band

9-12 Jazz