Athletic Guidelines

  • TSSAA Guidelines changed as of April 19, 2021 to include the following:

    • Face Coverings - Though no longer required, TSSAA is still encouraging fans to wear a face covering if they are within six feet of others and if using a projected voice within 15 feet of others.
    • Fan Attendance - There will no longer be a one-third attendance capacity at games, but schools will continue to limit the crowd to a number that will allow for social distancing. 

    With the expiration of Executive Order 74, cheerleaders and dance teams are now allowed to participate at games beginning on Monday, February 1.  Additional information follows:

    • Banquets & Celebrations - Banquets and celebration indoors should be conducted remotely.
    • High School indoor ball games - Athletic contests are restricted to 4 tickets per athlete.  NFHS streaming capabilities are available for those who can’t or choose not to attend.  
    • Middle School indoor ball games - Athletic contests will be restricted to 2-3 tickets per athlete and based on gym capacity and determined in collaboration between the school administration and the district athletic director. 
    • Sidelines - Coaches and students should remain masked on the sidelines when not involved on the court, field, or mat competition.    
    • Student sections - No student sections are allowed.
    • Cheerleaders and Dance Teams – These athletes are not required to wear masks while cheering or performing.  They should wear masks during downtimes, which includes while sitting in the bleachers.