Williamson County Libraries Challenge Readers

  • Reading without Walls challenge

    Published February 1, 2021

    February is National Library Month, and libraries around the county are challenging readers to expand their horizons.

    Students may participate in the Reading Without Walls challenge using Sora, a new reading app, to complete three tasks. The first task is to read a book about a character who doesn't look like them or live like them. The next task is to read a book about a topic they don't know much about, and the last task is to read a book in a format they don't normally read. This could be an audiobook, a graphic novel, a book in verse or anything else.

    "We hope that many students will complete the challenge throughout the month," said Ravenwood High media specialist Tiffany Tucker. "Many libraries are giving prizes or having contests. We're also encouraging students to read or listen to one e-book or audiobook in the Sora app."

    This month-long promotion is part of the Williamson Loves Libraries event, which means school and public libraries are participating. The Sora app may be accessed through students' Classlink dashboards.