Celebrating District's CCTE Programs

  • CCTEE Month text over a 3D printer

    Published February 9, 2021

    February is College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) Month, and there is a lot to celebrate in Williamson County Schools.

    With 42 programs of study and 16 career clusters, the district's CCTE programs encourage students to explore their interests and strengths and see how those align with a future career. The courses combine classroom experience and real-world application by giving students the chance to use cutting-edge equipment and connecting them to internships. There are 7,300 students in the district already taking advantage of these courses.

    "This month presents another opportunity to showcase students and programs that are doing tremendous work to prepare young people for the future," said WCS Career Coordinator and Strategic Partnership Liaison Paula Chilton. "The unique world that is CCTE evolves like our everchanging workforce. The CCTE courses in Williamson County Schools help prepare our students for these employment opportunities."

    CCTE courses allow students to learn about numerous fields that are in high-demand, including cybersecurity and mechatronics.

    "Our mission is to provide experience unlike any other," said CCTE Director Dr. Jeremy Qualls. "These experiences are highly important and could shape the future trajectory of a student. CCTE makes these experiences as real world as possible by collaborating with other programs of study, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and working with industry partners, mentors and coaches."

    For more information about the district's CCTE programs, visit the WCS CCTE page.