Rumor Mill - February 16, 2021

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    Published February 16, 2021

    An article in InFocus states that exams must be taken in person under the guidance of a WCS staff member. Since online students can't be watched by a staff member, how will they take the TCAP assessments?

    Legislation requires that all students take state assessments this year and that they be administered in person. Individual schools will communicate plans regarding in-person testing for online students.

    Why are students and teachers no longer able to use apps like Quizlet that allow them to create quizzes and study aids on their school computers? 

    Quizlet does not currently monitor its galleries or accounts. We reached out to the company several times with no response. Although it can be a useful tool, as a school district, we can't sanction its use given the lack of monitoring. We are actively searching for a replacement, but we have yet to find one. Our number one priority will always be student safety.

    The purpose of this section is to answer any questions parents, teachers or community members might have regarding the school district and to set the record straight in regards to any rumors that might be circulating. If you have a question or have heard a rumor that you would like for us to address, simply EMAIL US your questions and we will respond to them in upcoming issues of InFocus.