• Published February 15, 2021

    Market Day at Clovercroft Elementary gives students a chance to show off their creativity and learn about the economy at the same time.

    On February 12, third graders stocked their desks with handmade items, grabbed their bags of paper money and went on a shopping spree. There was plenty to choose from as students sold everything from bookmarks to origami figures.

    When purchasing items, the third graders used their own form of contactless payment by dropping money in a cup.

    Students set their own prices and made the decision to raise or lower that number based on the product’s demand.

    “I sold out of my pipe cleaner animals,” said CCES third grader Ella Marshall. “I named my product the Craft Crew, and it took me two weeks to think of the idea. A lot of people had really cool products, and it’s really fun to learn more about buying and selling.”