High School Students Join Top Percentage of ACT Test Takers

  • Head shots of 10 high school students

    Published March 29, 2021

    Students from five Williamson County Schools high schools are joining an elite group of their peers across the nation by scoring a perfect composite score on the ACT. Fewer than one percent of ACT test takers earn a perfect composite score.

    Ten students beat the odds and scored a 36 composite score on the college readiness exam. From Brentwood High, Mannan Goel, Jack Hudson and Oakley Martin accomplished the impressive academic feat.

    "We are very proud of Mannan, Jack and Oakley," said BHS Principal Kevin Keidel. "They have challenged themselves by taking our most rigorous courses and have succeeded. Though these scores were earned individually, these three stand out in their ability to work well with other students. We are so glad to see their preparation and work ethic rewarded with these perfect scores."

    Franklin High's Lening Cui and James Williams both earned a perfect composite score.

    "Lening is an outstanding student," said FHS Assistant Principal Jason Eubanks. "He challenges himself to be better in every opportunity and does not shy away from a challenge. James stands out as one of the most respectful, hardworking, humble and kind students in our school, all while excelling in academics, music and lacrosse."

    Independence High student Srivatsav Nemmani's efforts paid off with a score of 36.

    "Sri is a joyful student who brightens all his classes," said IHS Principal Dr. Niki Patton. "He is a contributor to class discussions and encourages classmates to rise to every occasion. I have no doubt he will do amazing things in the future."

    Halle Berg, a Page High student, can also add a perfect composite score to her list of accomplishments.

    "The Patriot family is so proud of Halle," said PHS Principal Dr. Katie Hill. "She is such a kind and hardworking student, athlete, friend and leader. It's great to see all of her commitment rewarded with this amazing achievement."

    Ravenwood High also had three students score a 36 on the ACT. Those students are Regan Enderle, Sharada Ghantasala and Amanda Huang.

    "Regan, Sharada and Amanda are an inspiration for others not only as true scholars, but also with their involvement in school organizations and events," said RHS Principal Dr. Pam Vaden. "We are very proud of them."