Independence High Artist Hones Creative Passion

  • Wyatt Bernal Art

    Published April 6, 2021

    An Independence High student's lifelong love to create is helping him become a published artist.

    IHS junior and Transition I student Wyatt Bernal's affinity for art started when he was very young. After seeing his passion for art, IHS Transition I teacher Lauren McCabe encouraged Wyatt to submit his work for publication. Now Wyatt's drawing, Aaliyah, is published in the magazine Breaking Ground.

    "Wyatt is so talented in all different types of art and is always drawing something new," said McCabe. "We love to see his creativity come through in his artwork. Our Transition I team, art department and administration here at Indy are very proud of him."

    Independence High art teacher Kathrine Lane saw Wyatt's gift and helped him grow and improve his craft. During his time in her class, Wyatt explored printmaking, scratchboard art, clay modeling, watercolor painting and more.

    "Wyatt is definitely a creative soul," said Lane. "Seeing him every day with a smile just brightens up the art room. He has definitely grown as an artist.”

    Wyatt's mother Cheryl Robbins is eager to see what doors are opened for Wyatt and his art, a sentiment shared by his support group at Independence.

    "Wyatt showed a natural gift for art very early," said Robbins. "This is truly one of my proudest moments for him, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds."