• Published April 13, 2021

    Nearly 300 fourth and fifth grade students didn't need the help of Zeus's lightning bolt to solve math problems.

    Students from nine WCS elementary schools competed in this year's Percy Jackson-themed Brentwood Mini Mu Contest. Each student took two tests that included 30 math questions each. The 20 students who scored the highest on each test were awarded medals.

    "The Mini Mu Contest is a chance for students to challenge themselves by engaging in higher level math and problem solving," said Scales Elementary Math Coach Jaimee Dresdner. "Everyone enjoys this time together, and we love celebrating everyone's success. This is one of the highlights of the year."

    The nine schools that competed this year were College Grove, Hillsboro, Hunters Bend, Kenrose, Scales, Sunset, Trinity, Thompson’s Station and Winstead elementary schools. Students from Brentwood High's Mu Alpha Theta sponsored and helped proctor the competition.

    Congratulations to the students listed below:

  • Fourth Grade - Percy Jackson

    1. Declan McAlhany, Scales Elementary
    2. Isaac Nation, Scales Elementary
    3. Mary Lu Beaty, Scales Elementary
    4. Charlie Brinkley, Scales Elementary
    5. Campbell Wille, Scales Elementary
    6. Synola Alston, Scales Elementary
    7. Lakshanya Rajesh, Kenrose Elementary
    8. Riloh Shaffner, Winstead Elementary
    9. Akhil Karthik, Kenrose Elementary
    10. Callie Bauchiero, Scales Elementary
    11. Ananya Tiyyagura, Kenrose Elementary
    12. Erik Matheny, Scales Elementary
    13. Killian Carey, College Grove Elementary
    14. Hudson Emerson, Scales Elementary
    15. Van Henson, Kenrose Elementary
    16. Seth Mueller, Kenrose Elementary
    17. Bo Daniel, Winstead Elementary
    18. Sam Heger, College Grove Elementary
    19. Emma Lynch, Winstead Elementary
    20. Ryan Spivey, Kenrose Elementary
  • Fifth Grade - Percy Jackson

    1. Conley Hill, Kenrose Elementary
    2. Gaurish Sahoo, Kenrose Elementary
    3. Christian Kelley, Scales Elementary
    4. Sharon Hong, Scales Elementary
    5. Chethan Babu, Scales Elementary
    6. Hea Ashar, Sunset Elementary
    7. Sarrah Madda, Kenrose Elementary
    8. Max Christopher, Scales Elementary
    9. Ryan Wang, Kenrose Elementary
    10. Oliver Lau, Sunset Elementary
    11. Jake West, Scales Elementary
    12. Dash McLeod, Winstead Elementary
    13. Connor Romans, Scales Elementary
    14. Ansley Martindale, Scales Elementary
    15. William Perez, Scales Elementary
    16. Knox Rogers, Scales Elementary
    17. Quincy Porter, Kenrose Elementary
    18. Graham Oliver, Scales Elementary
    19. George Laskaris, Scales Elementary
    20. Dorothy Romans, Scales Elementary
  • Fourth Grade - Lightning Thief

    1. Lakshanya Rajesh, Kenrose Elementary
    2. Declan McAlhany, Scales Elementary
    3. Kaya Jones, Winstead Elementary
    4. Synola Alston, Scales Elementary
    5. Riloh Shaffner, Winstead Elementary
    6. Clayton Carneal, Hunters Bend Elementary
    7. Campbell Wille, Scales Elementary
    8. John Langely, Thompson's Station Elementary
    9. Erik Matheny, Scales Elementary
    10. Mary Lu Beaty, Scales Elementary
    11. Sam Heger, College Grove Elementary
    12. Charlie Brinkley, Scales Elementary
    13. Layla Saunders, Scales Elementary
    14. Akhil Karthik, Kenrose Elementary
    15. Ryan Spivey, Kenrose Elementary
    16. Vansh Misra, Kenrose Elementary
    17. Killian Carey, College Grove Elementary
    18. Cooper Robe, Thompson's Station Elementary
    19. Ellen Thurston, College Grove Elementary
    20. Veer Kodali, College Grove Elementary
  • Fifth Grade - Sea of Monsters

    1. Connor Romans, Scales Elementary
    2. Conley Hill, Kenrose Elementary
    3. Sharon Hong, Scales Elementary
    4. Knox Rogers, Scales Elementary
    5. Dorothy Romans, Scales Elementary
    6. Christian Kelley, Scales Elementary
    7. George Laskaris, Scales Elementary
    8. Quincy Porter, Kenrose Elementary
    9. Dash McLeod, Winstead Elementary
    10. Caris McConnell, Scales Elementary
    11. Gaurish Sahoo, Kenrose Elementary
    12. Daniel Baugh, Winstead Elementary
    13. Chethan Babu, Scales Elementary
    14. Max Christopher, Scales Elementary
    15. Ryan Wang, Kenrose Elementary
    16. Presley Portis, Scales Elementary
    17. Mary Fletcher Allen, Scales Elementary
    18. Dallas Williams, Scales Elementary
    19. Graham Oliver, Scales Elementary
    20. Ansley Martindale, Scales Elementary