TES Students Surprise Administrators with Flowers

  • Trinity Elementary admins and students stand behind a giant pile of flowers

    Published April 12, 2021

    What's better than a bouquet of flowers? An entire lobby full of flowers.

    In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day at Trinity Elementary, the PTO asked every student to bring a flower for Principal Dr. Lauren Bauer and Assistant Principal Rebecca Griffin. The morning of April 9, students arrived at school and hand-delivered the flowers directly to the TES administrators.

    "It was super overwhelming and such a highlight not only of my career but of my entire adult life," Bauer said. "This is just a tangible representation of the community support we've felt all year. It's really special."

    Classroom teachers also received flowers as a thank you from their students, who were eager to share the love.

    "I liked giving them roses," TES student Tillman Waldron said. "I think everyone here is really nice, and Trinity Elementary is a lot of fun."