• Published April 13, 2021

    Seventeen more Williamson County Schools high school students can add a perfect ACT composite score to their list of achievements, including a Renaissance High student for the first time in history.

    Mason Adams is the first student from Renaissance High to earn a 36 composite score on the ACT exam.

    "We are all incredibly proud of Mason," said RNHS Principal Dr. Brian Bass. "Not only is it an amazing individual accomplishment, it also reflects the cumulative growth, effort and resilience of Renaissance High students over the years."

    Brentwood High had eight students earn perfect composite scores. Those students are Maxwell Aulino, Francis Bailey, John Dawson, Harinishree Sathu, Sienna Shepherd, Harper Thompson, Noah True and Langjia Zhang.

    "We are so proud of these eight students," said BHS Principal Kevin Keidel. "To be able to accomplish this after the year that everyone has been through is absolutely amazing. They continued to work hard and push themselves in all their classes, activities and their preparation for the ACT. We couldn't be any prouder."

    Centennial High's Delaney Devlin and Abhinay Dixit also joined the small number of students nationwide to earn a perfect ACT score.

    "Delaney is a truly disciplined learner who always strives to understand concepts at a fundamental level," said CHS Principal Dr. Meghen Sanders. "She takes full advantage of instruction and clearly understands the value of a quality education. Abhinay is a high performer who is extremely strong academically and intellectually. He is an exceptionally well-rounded student."

    James Anisi and Emily Taylor from Franklin High each scored a 36 composite on the ACT.

    "James is the consummate student who enjoys learning and challenging himself," said FHS Assistant Principal Sarah Reynolds. "He is truly gifted beyond his years and has exceptional critical thinking skills. Emily's accomplishment of a perfect ACT score is evidence of her academic fortitude and determination. As an International Baccalaureate student and marching band member, she knows the importance of a strong work ethic to meet her goals. We are all so proud of what they have accomplished."

    Independence High's Hunter Basola also earned a 36 composite score on his exam.

    "Hunter is a modest student with an impressive intellect," said IHS Principal Dr. Niki Patton. "He excels in all his classes while participating on our baseball team. He is an all-around excellent student who will certainly exceed all goals he sets for himself."

    Two students from Nolensville High, Nathan Montpool and Robert Shelton, also earned perfect composite scores.

    "We are so proud of both young men," said NHS Principal Dr. Bill Harlin. "Nathan has excelled in the classroom and in the sport of wrestling at NHS. He is focused, disciplined, dedicated and thoughtful in all that he does. Robert has proven to be a curious young man with great intellectual ability. He was a key member of the NHS History Bowl team, and he continues to seek opportunities to grow as a student."

    Ravenwood High student Connor Wojtak's score adds him to the growing list of WCS students to earn a perfect ACT score.

    "Connor is the kindest, friendliest, most caring and most thoughtful student," said RHS Principal Dr. Pam Vaden. "He excels in academics and arts and is highly respected by the faculty."