• Published April 20, 2021

    Four Williamson County schools are eligible to compete in this year's National Technology Students Association (TSA) Conference, including Page Middle which qualified for the first time in school history.

    Fairview and Page middle schools as well as Fairview and Page high schools all had students show off their technological savvy at the 2021 Tennessee TSA State Leadership Conference. Students participated in various competitions ranging from board game design and children's stories to coding and forensic technology.

    Teams that placed high enough in their respective categories are eligible to compete in the virtual National Conference in June.

    In addition to student awards, the TSA also selects a middle and high school Adviser of the Year. This year's Middle School Adviser of the Year is Page Middle Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teacher Colleen Lowe.

    "It’s a big surprise,” Lowe said. “This is a brand-new adventure for us, and it's been a lot of fun. These students are amazing. I feel very lucky to be part of this group."

    Congratulations to the students listed below:


  • STEM Animation - Middle School

    • Second: Carson Woodring and Michael Eischen - Page Middle

    Digital Photography - Middle School

    • Second: Lucas McCormack - Fairview Middle

    Inventions and Innovations - Middle School

    • First: Erica Bowman, Alan Foeder, Abi Jones, Gabriele Redding and Aditi Bindra - Page Middle
    • Second: Xander McElroy and Gentry Ozment - Fairview Middle

    Promotional Marketing - Middle School

    • Second: Gabriele Redding - Page Middle

    Promotional Marketing - High School

    • Third: Annie Weaver - Page High

    Technical Design - Middle School

    • First: Connor Parton and Ronan Nolan - Page Middle

    Children's Stories - Middle School

    • Second: Shruthi Mogan, Shruthika Kakumani and Janvi Vashishtha - Page Middle

    Cybersecurity - Middle School

    • First: Carson Woodring - Page Middle
  • Board Game Design - High School

    • Second: Katie Statton - Fairview High

    Foundations of IT - Middle School

    • Second: Connor Parton - Page Middle

    Mechanical Engineering - Middle School

    • First: Erica Bowman, Yug Patel, Ronan Nolan, Sathvik Gaddam and Michael Eischen - Page Middle

    Engineering Design - High School

    • Third: Aaditya Dundigalla, Sab Saravanan, Jackson Ulvila, Noah Franklin and Aiden Lehner - Page High

    Off the Grid - Middle School

    • First: Yui Tateuchi, Pooja Potharaju, Varenya Katta, Alan Foeder and Sloane Strickland - Page Middle

    Forensic Technology - Middle School

    • First: Shruthi Mogan and Janvi Vashishtha - Page Middle

    Career Prep - Middle School

    • Third: Reeva Lalani - Page Middle

    Challenging Technology Issues - Middle School

    • First: Yug Patel and Sathvik Gaddam - Page Middle
    • Second: Laura Carter and Sophia Meece - Fairview Middle
  • Coding - Middle School

    • First: Alan Foeder and Reeva Lalani - Page Middle
    • Second: Jack Riley and Donavan Dilday - Fairview Middle

    Essay on Technology - Middle School

    • Second: Pooja Potharaju - Page Middle
    • Third: Olivia Sullivan - Fairview Middle

    Essay on Technology - High School

    • Second: Annie Weaver - Page High

    Prepared Speech - Middle School

    • Second: Aparna Bindra - Page Middle
    • Third: Olivia Sullivan - Fairview Middle

    Leadership Strategies - Middle School

    • First: Xander McElroy, Sophia Meece and Hayden Damaschun - Fairview Middle

    Tech Bowl - Middle School

    • Second: Yug Patel, Varenya Katta and Campbell Downs - Page Middle

    Community Service Video - Middle School

    • First: Abbygale Robledo, Aditi Bindra, Shruthika Kakumani and Gabriele Redding - Page Middle