• Published April 26, 2021

    Three WCS students are moving on to the national level after participating in this year's Tennessee Youth in Government Conference.

    Ravenwood High student Lauren Link, Summit High student Jorge Ikeda-Sanchez and Fairview High student Noelle Wiggs received invitations to the Conference of National Affairs (CONA), the highest honor a student can earn.

    The annual Youth in Government Conference gives middle and high school students around Tennessee an inside look at the political process and the opportunity to become government officials for the day. Students create and debate bills with their peers while serving as representatives, senators, lawyers, lobbyists and more. Though it normally takes place at the State Capitol, this year's conference took place virtually.

    While at the conference, students also elected their peers to officer positions, and many earned awards such as Outstanding Statesperson and Outstanding Bill.

    For the fifth time in six years, a Ravenwood High student has been elected the governor for the Youth in Government Conference. Aryn Chadha will serve her position during the 2022 conference.

    Several other Ravenwood High students were elected to officer positions. Debra Zhang was elected to the Solicitor General position; and Manavi Bajpai, Ash Huang, Milind Muthiah and Daniel Chen were chosen to be Associate Justices. Snigdha Narayandas and Rohan Tyagi became the Clerk of the Blue Senate and Clerk of the Blue House, respectively. Reva Jethwani became the Blue Lieutenant Governor, and Ella Bullock-Papa became the Red Lieutenant Governor. Megan Kalvala was elected to the Speaker of the White House position.

    Two students from Nolensville High were elected to officer positions. Chloe Denham became the Officer Clerk of the Court, and Bella Conn became the White House Floor Leader. Centennial High's Emily Spatz will take the Blog and Copy Editor role, and Franklin High's Rachel Collins was elected as an Associate Justice.

    "I love seeing students grow in leadership positions," said RHS Youth in Government adviser Jennifer Julian. "In the Youth in Government program, students rise to the challenge and address complex and mature topics that affect the real world. Seeing students work through problems and debate solutions in a formal manner is truly inspirational. It reminds me that the students sitting in our classrooms are capable of creating positive change throughout the world in the most amazing ways."

    The students who received recognition at the conference are listed below: