Mathematical Minds Bring Home Awards for WCS

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    Published April 27, 2021

    Students from five WCS schools are proving they're among some of the top math minds in Middle Tennessee.

    Brentwood and Woodland middle schools and Brentwood, Franklin and Ravenwood high schools competed in the Nashville Interscholastic Mathematical League (IML) during the spring semester. In every category of the contest, a WCS school placed in the top two.

    The IML brings together public and private high schools that want to test their students' capabilities in Algebra I, Algebra II, geometry, precalculus, calculus and statistics. The league normally consists of four events, two in the fall and two in the spring, at different schools around the area. Only three events occurred this year, all during the spring, and each team remained at their school. The final results are based on performances at all of the meets.

    "Williamson County Schools did very well," said Ravenwood High math teacher Mary Hawken. "These students volunteer to take these tests and compete. The only preparation is what they are learning in class or if they put any time into preparing on their own. They enjoy math and want to see how they compare with others taking the same subject in Middle Tennessee. They find it fun."

    For each event, students were given a 20-question multiple choice test and had to complete half with a calculator and half without a calculator. The tests were created by faculty advisers, who also administered and scored their students' tests.

    The top schools in each category were awarded trophies.

    Congratulations to the schools listed below:

    Algebra 1

    • First: Brentwood Middle
    • Second: Woodland Middle


    • Second: Brentwood Middle
    • Fourth: Woodland Middle

    Algebra 2

    • First: Ravenwood High
    • Second: Brentwood High


    • Second: Brentwood High
    • Third: Ravenwood High


    • Second: Ravenwood High
    • Fourth: Franklin High


    • Second: Ravenwood High