WCS High Schools Ranked Best in State

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    Published April 27, 2021

    Four WCS high schools are the highest-ranked, non-magnet schools in Tennessee according to US News and World Report's annual Best High Schools list which was released April 27.

    In Tennessee, Brentwood High is ranked fifth, Ravenwood High is ranked sixth, Franklin High is ranked seventh and Page High is ranked eighth. This is the first time that four high schools from the district have been ranked in the top 10. Both Brentwood and Ravenwood high schools are also within the top 250 of 17,860 schools in the nation. Page High entered the top 10 this year after moving up from 13 and 11 in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

    “To be able to say that our 10 high schools represent the top 17 percent of all high schools in the State is pretty remarkable," said WCS Superintendent Jason Golden. "This work began many years ago at the elementary level, so this honor is one that all of our schools, families and staff can celebrate. The entire Williamson County community should be proud of this stellar accomplishment."

    All 10 WCS high schools are ranked within the top 65 of 385 Tennessee schools. As a newer school, this is Nolensville High's first appearance on the list.

    "As many schools across the country struggled to open their doors, our community rallied behind our local schools," said WCS Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Leigh Webb. "Through the toughest of hardships, WCS students and educators continue to thrive. Though each year we celebrate, this year's accomplishments have an extra-special meaning."

    The US News and World Report ranks the majority of public high schools in the country. The rankings are decided using six factors that are summed together and then transformed into a percentile number between zero and 100. The six factors considered are college readiness, college curriculum breadth, math and reading proficiency, math and reading performance, underserved student performance and graduation rate.

    The complete rankings of WCS high schools is listed below.

    US News and World Report Best High Schools in Tennessee

    • Brentwood High - Fifth (ranked 200 nationally)
    • Ravenwood High - Sixth (ranked 247 nationally)
    • Franklin High - Seventh (ranked 353 nationally)
    • Page High - Eighth (ranked 590 nationally)
    • Nolensville High - 14th (ranked 950 nationally)
    • Independence High - 16th (ranked 1,081 nationally)
    • Summit High - 17th (ranked 1,084 nationally)
    • Centennial High - 18th (ranked 1,132 nationally)
    • Fairview High - 54th (ranked 4,003 nationally)
    • Renaissance High - 64th (ranked 4,730 nationally)